“Products with Cyclist in Mind”


We understand whether your new to cycling or at a professional level, comfort and safety are very important. Unlike other sports, cycling requires three contact points from your body, the seat, pedals and handlebars. Where out to help create comfort and security in your handlebars!

Shape My Grip (SMG) has spent many months and countless hours developing our products. The prototypes developed throughout the process number in the dozens! Our goal from the start was to create an adjustable grip that provides a custom feel, enhanced grip, secure grip feel and most important, comfort.

As cyclist there two things we are always wanting to achieve while riding, comfort and safety.

Working with industry standard 15/16″ – 7/8″ road bars and more than one year after our initial start, we felt comfortable about introducing our first two (“BARTOP” and  “CURVE”) of six products designed. We thrived for products that would bring comfort and a level of safety to cyclist. Added comfort can be found in all our products not only from the ergonomic design, but the blend of materials used to reduce road vibration.


The BARTOP creates an adjustable flat spot on the bar top found on more expensive bars, while offering an ergonomic grip, reduced vibration and added comfort. The BARTOP is right at home on Road, Cyclocross and Gravel Grinder bikes.

The CURVE offers a secure feeling in the drops and features the same vibration reducing material as the BARTOP, with added ergonomic grip and comfort. Upon installation the CURVE is adjustable in placement for an added custom feel.


All SMG products are easily install under your bar tape. An aircraft quality double sided ahesive holds the grips in place. No messy glues or spray on adhesives. Each set of grips will include everything needed for installation. Installation video! 


The more comfortable we are while riding, the better we perform! Not to mention having a more enjoyable ride! Our products where designed to increase comfort, increase safety and increase confidence.

We hope you enjoy our products!