$350 Pinarello F8, $300 Colnago C60 from Taiwan

Some things I learned on my trip to Taiwan!

On short notice I found myself on a plane to Taiwan. Unfortunately bringing my bike was not an option. A bit of free time between responsibilities allowed me to check out some of the Taiwan bike shops. It would be understatement to say GIANT bikes is king in Taiwan. Their product is everywhere!

Taiwan carbon fiber technology and manufacturing is some of, if not the best in the world. Whether you talking about cycling, automative or aircraft industry, the quality is excellent. Even till toady, some bike manufactures will claim to build there product in house and in reality it’s built in Taiwan because of the quality and  cheaper cost.

$350 Pinarello F8, $300 Colnago C60!  Before I left for my trip, friends asked if I would check out some of the super inexpensive high end bike frame sets you see on eBay at unbelievable prices. As I made my way around Taiwan and visited as many bike shops that time allowed, I noticed many local brands that I have never heard of before. These local frame builders proudly displayed their names on their frame. Asking other shops about some of these locally built frames, most replied with favorable comments.

In all my shop visits, I did not see NOT ONE Pinarello or Colnago priced at anywhere close to $350 or $300. Not to say these frame sets are not coming out of Taiwan, but there is so much quality name brand and locally built product at great prices, why risk it?

I’ve never seen one of the $350 Pinarello F8’s or $300 Colnago C60’s and can not comment on the quality. My only gripe is the placing of a name on a bike that is not manufactured by the name displayed! All the frame sets I looked at had ID tags or numbers to verify with the manufacturer. The next time I find myself in Taiwan, I will not hesitate to make a purchase.

More on Taiwan to come!


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