Their finally here!

After months of hard work and product testing, Shape My Grip has launched is first two products.

Shape My Grip was created after quite a bit of frustration getting the perfect fit and fell from some of the more expensive ergo bars. The first challenge I experienced adjusting ergo bars, was getting the flat spot on the bar top were I liked it, while maintaining a comfortable position in the drops. Either the flat spot on the bar top was where I liked it, or the position in the drops, but never both at the same time.

After months of development and testing two products emerged, the BARTOP and the CURVE. Additional ergonomic features were added for a more secure grip feel along with vibration reducing materials for hand numbness.

Both products will install on a standard 15/16” – 7/8” round bar, creating a flat spot where you like it and a secure ergonomic grip in both positions..

• Reduce hand numbness
• Customize your bar
• Ergonomic design
• Create a bar top flat spot found on more expensive bars.
• Easy installation
• Adjustable to your liking upon installation