Like Challenging Climbs?

This is for you climbers that are have human, half mountain goat!

While in Taiwan and hanging around the cycling community I would hear about this world renown climb up the Wuling Mountains. 53 miles that tops out at an elevation of 10,744 feet! Starting from sea level outside of East Taiwan’s coastal town of Hualien, a flat section of highway that leads to the base of the Taroko Gorge. From here on in it’s pretty much uphill for the next 53 miles. This climb is also an annual KOM Challenge that draws in riders worldwide. As if the climb itself isn’t challenging enough, the locals talk about the last two miles separating the climbers, from the CLIMBERS.

RoadBike Action Magazine article

DSC_0803-1Baba climb Taiwan 2

In this photo provided by PhotoSport International shows Taiwan KOM Challenge from the beach to the thin-air altitude of Mt. Hehuan, 3275 metres above sea levelTaiwan Rahim Emami and Amir Zargari (RTS Santic) break.