“The Next Evolution In Handlebar Grips”

What is the Handlebar Customization System (HCS)? 

The HCS customizes conventional 15/16″ or 7/8″ road bike bars. If you like the features found on more expensive ergonomic carbon bars, but are not ready to spend the hundreds of dollars for a set, the HCS will convert your bar or a conventional (inexpensive) 15/16″ or 7/8″ bar into one with a customized grip.

Upon installation grip placement can be rotated, moved up or down, in or out for the customization you desire. Grips are installed under bar tape with aircraft quality double sided adhesive and feature a channel for brake and shifter cables. Installation is easy and no need to remove brake or shifter cables.

Our products work well with a number of stretchable bar tapes, but we also offer our own brand (GripTech+) that features a non slip, grippy surface comparable to tapes costing upwards of $40. GripTech+ is currently available in black and red and can be purchased by itself for $18.95 or save when ordered with any grip set.

No Need To Remove Brake or Shifter Cables for Installation and no Messy Glues!

Curious how our grips install? Check out the quick easy Installation video!

SMG (Shape My Grip) grips are made from a custom blend of materials to offer a reduction in road vibration, with and ergonomic grip for safety. SMG products help to create an ergonomic grip on your Road Bike, Cyclocross or Gravel Grinder bike type bars? As cyclist we are always looking for comfort and safety while riding, SMG products offer these benefits.

*After many months of development and numerous prototype designs, two initial products emerged, BARTOP and CURVE.

The BARTOP grip creates a flat spot on the top of the bar where your hands sit most of the time, while riding in the upright position. Upon installation, the BARTOP can be positioned to your liking for a custom feel. Designed in finger impressions, add to a more secure grip feel with reduced road vibration to help hand numbness.

The CURVE grip creates a custom feel with finger impressions, while in the part of the bar called the drops. Like the BARTOP, the CURVE can be adjusted upon installation to your liking. The CURVE also features the same vibration reducing material as the BARTOP.

The BARTOP and CURVE are designed to fit most standard 15/16″ – 7/8″ size round handlebars and install under bar tape. The BARTOP design features a cable channel for placement of brake and shifter cables. New bar tape is recommended upon installation.

Whether riding with your hands on the bar top or in the drops, the HCS enhances the ride!

SMG products install best using stretch type bar tapes. If you like a more aggressive feel, we recommend a 1.8mm – 2.5mm tape. For a softer more cushion feel, we recommend a 2.5mm – 3.0mm tape. Our GripTech+ brand fits right in the middle and offers non-slip, grippy features found in more expensive tapes. A short list of some bar tapes that we have tried and recommend, are on our FAQ page.

We hope you find our products unique and beneficial!