Free chain lube with purchase / Limited Offer!

SMG is constantly on the lookout for products that make cycling safer, more comfortable and enhances your performance.

We recently attended both the Seattle and Vancouver bike shows. While at the Vancouver show we came across WPL WPL manufactures a high performance, petroleum free, Bio Degradable, Self cleaning chain lube called ChainBoost.

ChainBoost binds to metal providing efficient pedaling and long lasting performance. High-tech bio-composition eliminates corrosion, increases lubricity. ChainBoost contains a self-cleaning emulsifying agent that washes away with heavy doses of water. Hose chain or wipe with a wet rag to activate dynamic cleaning abilities and wash away dirt and grime. Chain always clean, no black goop. Bio-degradable and non-toxic.

  • Binds to metal using advanced technology
  • Friction-reducing and long-lasting
  • Biodegradable and non-toxic
  • Keeps chain clean, no black goop development.

I was impressed enough that I purchased a case of ChainBoost. For a limited time until supplies last, receive a 120 ml bottle of ChainBoost free with the purchase of (1) BARTOP and (1) CURVE grip set. ChainBoost MSRP $14.00.

Chain_boost (2)