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What is the Handlebar Customization System (HCS)?

The (HCS) adds and customizes grip location on conventional 15/16″ or 7/8″ road bike bars. The GTS currently offers the BARTOP grip for the bar top and the CURVE while riding in the drops. If you like features found on more expensive ergonomic carbon bars but are not ready to spend the hundreds of dollars for a set, the GTS can solve this problem and offer additional features you will not find on handlebars today!

HCS features:

  • Creates desired flat spot on bar top found on more expensive ergonomic bars.
  • Reduce road vibration and hand numbness
  • Ergonomic grip in both the bar top and drops
  • Easy installation with supplied aircraft quality adhesive. No messy glues!  Installation video!
  • BARTOP features a channel for both brake and shifter cable.
  • Adjustable upon installation for the perfect fit

The BARTOP and CURVE grip will fit most steel, aluminum or carbon 15/16″ or 7/8″ (industry standard) round bars.

No! Most tape manufactures give enough tape to cover both grip products. See our recommended tapes on the installation page https://www.shapemygrip.com/installation/

We don’t recommend it! Most bar tapes have an adhesive strip down the middle. This adhesive strip helps the bar tape stick to the bar while wrapping. Upon removal, you will most likely notice most of this adhesive well stick to the bar, in addition to aging of the tape as you unwrap it. New bar tape is an inexpensive accessories that can enhance the appearance of a bike.

Tapes that offer a bit of stretch work best.
Our GripTech+ tape is a great value, warps easy and features a non-slip, grippy surface found on more expensive tapes. Available in Black and Red!

SMG has tried and likes the following bar tapes.

Lizardskin DSP 1.8mm
Lizardskin DSP 2.5mm
Cinelli Cork
Cinelli Cork Synthetic
Bontrager Gel Cork
Forté Grip Tec Pro
Forté Grip Tec 2
Eclypse (POG) Road Polymer Omni Grip

This list is by no means all the bar tapes that will work well with our products, just a few that we have tried.

The BARTOP grip is designed to create a flat top on bars. If you currently have a bar with a large flat top, the BARTOP may be to large for smaller hands after installed.

The CURVE is right at home on 15/16″ or 7/8″ bars that are round in the drops.

Grips are designed to install on bare handlebars with the supplied adhesive tape and then wrapped with bar tape.
Grips are not designed for installation on a bare bar without bar tape.

Check out our installation video!

We use 3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner (08984). Make sure bar is dry before applying new adhesive tape.

Yes! Spare tape is available to purchase on our website.

Yes! Many prototypes were designed in an effort to create comfort, add an ergonomic grip and reduce road vibration. A custom blend of materials help achieve this goal.

Yes, The BARTOP grip was designed with a channel for both brake and or shifter cables to pass through it.

Check out our installation video!