“Evolution of the cycling grip”


SMG (Shape My Grip) was founded by cycling enthusiast Lee Diallo. It wasn’t his first effort to create a product for cycling, but after spending time and a fair amount of money on handlebars, Lee focused his attention on the benefits of improving them. As a cyclist, Lee came to realize that a flat and comfortable surface on the bar top, along with more comfort and a secure grip in the drops would enhance the riding experience. Lee’s research and product development led to the evolution of the Handlebar Customization System (HCS)

Comfort and Safety. The first problem that Lee addressed with aero bars was the positioning of the bars for the flat spot on the bar top. Once positioned this did not automatically offer the desired comfortable position while in the drops. In other words, it was problematic to obtain the desired secure and comfortable feel in both positions. After months of development and many, many prototypes, two products evolved. One for the bar top (BARTOP) and one for the drops (CURVE).

The Two Designs allow the cyclist to position the grip on the bar to their liking. The BARTOP design will create the desirable flat spot on the bar top. The CURVE offers a secure ergonomic grip while riding in the drops. The drops tend to be an area some riders may not spend as much time. Some Possibly due to physical constraints, while others just don’t feel comfortable and concerned their hands might slip off. The CURVE greatly improves your grip with added confidence.

Additionally the special blend of materials used in the manufacturing of the grips, increased vibration dampening on the road. Ultimately the final product helped reduced hand numbness, a common riders problem. Also, the ergonomic finger impressions manufactured in both grip designs, offer a more secure feel and comfortable ride.

A rider has three points of contact to a bike, the saddle, pedals and handlebar. Discomfort in any of these areas can ruin a ride. SMG has chosen to focus on handlebar comfort. The benefits are pretty straight forward, more comfort, more enjoyable ride, better performance!

“Each of my designs, create a custom bar like no other on the market. Don’t buy new handlebars, consider Shape My Grip” …Lee Diallo

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