LA Velodrome

Cycling on a 45 degree bank and no brakes!!!


I recently had the opportunity to visit the Velo Sports Center in Carson California. Also known as the STUBHUB Center. Known worldwide, this 250 meter, indoor wood track is a world class facility and home of world champions. So what’s it take to get around a 45 degree bank without sliding off, about 19 mph. This is cruising speed compared to race speed which can be north of 45 mph. Good thing everybody is going the same direction because track bikes don’t have brakes and they don’t coast and your feet are clipped in!

Velodrome tracks come in different lengths, surfaces as well as indoor and outdoor facilities. Training classes are a must at most facilities. Don’t have a track bike, most facilities offer a bike rental program to get you feet wet.

Check it out, you might be surprised to find a facility closer than you think.

Velo Sport Center Video