I Visit the LA Velo Sports Center

I recently had the pleasure of attending the 2017 UCI Masters Track World Championships (October 8-15). The event located at the Velo Sports Center within the StubHub Center in Carson California.


StubHub    StubHub

The Velo Sports Center will be the host for the 2018 Masters Track Cycling World Championships. As the title states, this is a World Championship event and the number of countries represented was impressive. I also had the opportunity to cheer on many competitors from Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, my neck of the woods.

If you’ve never attended a Velodrome cycling event, the LA Stub Hub facility is truly world class! Located on a 125 acre site within the campus of California State University, the Velo Sports Center is a 100,000 square foot, 1.5 million specially designed facility. The first and only permanent indoor track of international standard in North America!

The track is constructed of 33 miles of Siberian Pine, measures 250 meters in length, 7 meters wide with 45 degree banks. Tops speeds can exceed 50 mph!

Being America’s largest indoor Velodrome with seating for 2450 spectators. The facility features a bike fit room, message therapy, weight training, coaching and beginners, intermediate and advanced training school and more.

The Velo Sports Center is also the Official U.S. Olympic Training site and home to USA Cycling’s national track cycling program.

Yes it’s true track bikes don’t have brakes and can’t coast and can reach speeds in excessive of 50 mph, but we can talk about that later! You have to witness an event and look down from the top of the bank, to truly grasp how high up riders are on the top of the bank (two stories).

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Want to get closer to the competition, purchasing an INFIELD pass, will get you right in the middle of it all, side by side with all the competitors.

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Having a passion for track cycling, this takes things to a new level! The facility, the track, international competitors, the many languages being spoken, this is it!

The list of champions that have competed and graduated from this facility is endless.

Check it out! http://www.stubhubcenter.com/stadium-info/venues/velo

How was the competition? Plenty of videos on YouTube covering the complete event from October 8-15th

See you there 2018!